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Located along Conn Creek at the eastern edge of Rutherford, Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III is a beautiful ranch with acres of grapes placed under a conservation easement. This historic vineyard dates back to 1895 and is tied to legendary winemaker Andre Tchelistcheff. 

Beginning at 500 feet of elevation, the vineyard gently slopes to the south, offering optimum sun exposure for ripening Cabernet Sauvignon, and complementing their meticulous farming. In the pre-World War II era our already gravelly block was supplemented with stones from the creek during a flood control project done by the Army Core of Engineers. Planted entirely to Clone 337 of Cabernet Sauvignon, suited for the well-draining Cortina soils where they sit, and each vine’s ‘Lyre’ training protects the fruit from Rutherford’s warm climate, allowing for maximum hang-time. 

Land Elevation   |   500ft

AVA  |  Rutherford

Soil  |  Gravelly Loam & Cortina



Released | Spring 2021

Winemaker's Notes | In the glass, floral notes of lilies and cassis blend with earth notes of cool graphite. The palate beckons with a subtle minerality that is felt among layers of dimension. A classic, cacao-dusted finish reveals this vintage’s erudite nature. 



To Be Released | Spring 2022

Notes from the Growing Season | A dry, warm Winter preceded a cool Spring with heavier than average rainfall. Mild Spring conditions led to a late bud break, indicating the potential for a long growing season. Cooler than average, and stable conditions pushed into Summer with flowering beginning in late May and early June throughout the valley.

Protected by a consistently mild Summer, vines were not overstressed, allowing for fruit to mature delicately for optimum color and tannin development. On schedule for the season, veraison began in late July and early August.

Harvest began several days prior to the 2018 vintage with our Platt Vineyard Chardonnay mid-September. Our Cabernet Sauvignon harvest began in late September, and finally concluded in late October.

The typically hot, windy Fall season held to more temperate weather, accenting the long growing season, protecting fruit dehydration and sunburn. The excellent potential seen during the 2019 growing season was translated in the quality of wine of put to barrel. We look forward to sharing this vintage with the release of our 2019 single vineyard wines in Spring 2022.